Murray's comments on the Ermico Article

ok.. I've been sitting on this article for a while.. it is an old article. I've wanted to post it just so a lot of people who may not know about it might learn something. This article is about Ermico Enterprises which is the main company that Fausto owns. Ermico produces and/or has financial connections to Thrasher, Slap, Independent trucks, Venture trucks, Thunder trucks, Real skateboards, Think skateboards, Adrenaline skateboards, Stereo skateboards, Spitfire wheels, and a shitload of other companies that I could name for a few more lines..

I guess the point behind this is that you may want to think a bit before you purchase products from these people. I don't know the current labor status with Ermico but I've been trying to reach Local 164 every now and then.

for the record, I don't think that Fausto is an ultimate evil, I think some things that I've heard and seen evidence of are kinda shady, the advertising practices are just the beginning.

oh, and I ride Spitfire wheels and Thunder trucks, go figure.


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