Skate Business

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Excerpts from Skate Business

Here are few excerpts from Skate Business (a magazine only for retail stores), Vol.6, Num.4, January 1995 (published by TransWorld)

Stuff is deleted out, I didn't want to type the whole article. (words inside of these things are mine)

"There was a day when achieving a goal was more important than emulating someone else's look or style. There was a day when children had strong role models who provided strong guidance, instilled a sense of pride in their families and themselves, and helped crate and nurture dreams of one day walking their own path.(I am standing waist high in bullshit) But alas, those days are gone....Kinda today search for heroes,people who are what they would like to be. (In the back of my head I hear some song....what is it.....OH Yes! "why can't I be you" by the cure)....Sports marketing agencies picked up on this a long time ago, as they were seeing sports figures elevated, by kids, to the level of Gods; they had an idea. By placing the names of certain players on products, people who see these things will automatically associate the product with it's namesake,(ahhh! the media blitz!) then through a strange form of justification, come up with a need to purchase that item. (How did these sports heros become heros in the first place? Pandering media sluts push a certain person, team, whatever to the "God like level". Seeing these people in various media facets is what gets them into this god state, for if their were no media, no one would know who they were. From there they are welded to products, which they endorse,via the media adding to the "God" state. A vicious circle, that gives communion to itself and pays for for it off the disciples it has created) .....Airwalk, on the other hand, was a different story: a skate-shoe manufacture for over a decade, Airwalk produced hundreds of styles of shoes, from dress to BMX, but never pro-models. With the resources they possess, not doing a pro series of shoes would literally be a waste (think of all that lost money!). Like DC, Airwalk has released two pro-signature shoes-the Jason Lee (Rocker!) and Tony Hawk models-but for different reasons than DC (what? it's not about money? What happened to "Literal waste"?). Jason (Rocker!) and Tony (now I'll fell bad if I don't say anything about Tony, but what CAN you say?) did contribute to the design of their shoes, (well, I would hope so), but that wasn't the only reason that were chosen for the honor. Airwalk team manager Tim Swart states the key reason the two were elected for the project was because of loyalty(that's nice). Tony Hawk was the first person Airwalk ever sponsored, and Jason Lee(Rocker!) came shortly after. "The two have been around long time, and contribute immensley to Airwalks success," said Swart (read: we made a shit load of money off them all ready, now lets pimp there ass into the ground and milk all those rich suburban white kids for all they got).....Plan B is rumored to be working on a Jeremy Wray signature shoe, The Foundation Super Company is looking into producing a shoe line which may showcase some pro-series shoes.

When all is said and done, pro-model shoes are a BLESSING! They're definitely not the only option in the future of the skateshoe market-in fact they only make up a minimal percentage of sales.......The trend of pro-signature shoes is growing, and successful retailers will be the ones who realize it now and take advantage of the opportunity to offer them to skaters (i.e. the first to have the new shit will be the first to have "all the money"). In return, shop owners can make some profits, while at the same time supporting the (pro)skateboarders who have supported them.( what about the skaters who support the whole fucking thing!? No one gives a shit about us. How many shops or companys for that matter support the average kid riding down the street?, aside from the fact that play into role model/hero worship with a financial outcome. Fuck Them)

Converse is also coming out with shoe designed specifically for "skateboarding" some time soon. Shoes are huge.
"It looks like Flip skateboards was told by the lawyers for High Speed Productions (thrasher and Slap) to cease and desist use of the aformentioned magazine's logos on Flip's newest line of pro models entitled "The Butt Kiss" series"

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