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This is a small file for people who want to build skateboarding ramps, but don't have or don't know where to find ramp plans. This file does not contain any actual ramp plans. This file was originally created by Adam Bender. But i have been given permission to update it and post it to the alt.skate-board newsgoup.


Ramptech sells ramp blueprints, instructions, cut lists, and materials lists. The specific ramps are (materials not included):
  • 2' Launch ramp: $9.99
  • 3' Launch ramp: $9.99
  • 4' quarter pipe: $9.99
  • Lo-bank: $9.99
  • 3' halfpipe: $19.99 They also sell complete kicker ramps for $99.00 or $259.00, and round or flat grind rails for $150, plus shipping. Their address and telephone numbers are: 14855 Persistence Dr. Woodbridge, VA 22191 Thier distributers are Endless Grind: 919-828-5877 (retail), and Eastern Skateboard Supply: 910-791-8240 (wholesale).

    There are some plans at Heckler for several types of ramps. TumYeto has plans for half and quarter pipes, as well as a funbox and pyramid. Crude Skateboards also has some plans. Halfpipe plans can be found here. Whitefish also sells ramps plans. David's (me) Ramp Plans site A file on building ramps can be found here. There are links to many ramp resources here. A help file on building ramps is available at DansWORLD.


    this file is posted on alt.skate-board every friday by me. You can try asking on there, but good luck.


    Thrasher Magazine sells a book of ramp plans for $5.00. You can call them at 415-822-3082 if you are ordering by credit card; or if you want to pay by check or money roder, pick up a Thrasher at your local bookstore, and you should find a mail-order form somewhere in the back.

    The Ultimate Skateboard Book by Albert Cassorla (1988, ISBN: 0-89471-564-X) and Skateboarding by Kevin Wilkins (1994, ISBN: 1-561368-377-5) both have ramp plans in them. Both are available from Running Press Book Publishers at: Running Press Book Publishers 125 South Twenty-second Street Philadelphia, PA 19103-4399

    The Ultimate Skateboard Book is $9.95, Skateboarding is $12.95, and shipping & handling is $2.50 per book, but try your local bookstore first.

    The Ultimate Skateboard Book has plans for a 36" launch ramp, an 8'x8' vertical wall, a 4'x4' quarter pipe, and a halfpipe with a 42'x16'4" base, 9' of transition, 1.5' of vert, and a deck, but no roll-in. It also lists the materials and their estimated price. However, I personally have built the quarter pipe, and the directions had some obvious mis-measurements and the price estimate was about half of what I paid.

    Skateboarding has plans for a 3'6" quarter pipe with an optional 4' deck, a 8' long, 24" high mini-spine ramp, a pyramid with a 8' square center, a rail slide that you can customize to any length, and two 8'x24" hump ramps with a 32" high rail slide built in the middle. These plans are written by Tim Payne, who is a professional ramp builder, and also show how to attach Masonite and coping. There is a materials list for each one.


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    Thanks: to Mike Grosso, for (kinda) letting Adam know there was a need for this; Andy, for some info, a little support, writing the file at DW, and for just being a cool guy; Heckler, for their ramp FAQ; Harald Muellner for DW URL correction; Dan Dunham for putting this on DW. Adam Bender for letting me continue the update of the file Disclaimer: (c)opyright 1995-97 Adam Bender and 00-01 David Beale. You may distribute this freely. I am not responsible for anything that happens that has to do with this file. If this file is put on a WWW, FTP, Gopher, etc. site, please notify me of it so I can add it to the file. If you have any additions, comments, corrections, questions, etc., contact me.
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